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In its chequered history of many battles through sacrifices by countless warriors, AIBEA never compromised or gave up even momentarily its objective of rendering lead and initiatives to every section of Bank employees. It is a point of history that from Bank level to the Pillai committee AIBEA not only represented officers' case logically but also offered its hand of co-operation to government and Bankers to run the Industry effectively realising the need for co-ordinating officers and employees in a service Industry like Banking for realisation of common objectives of nationalisation of the Industry transparency of operations, focus for credit to needy sector and so on and so forth and from these tasks the need for consolidation of the interwined movement from all sides was practiced as an objective from the early day of AIBEA. AIBOA is the legacy of this mighty AIBEA.

AIBOA took it birth from the conscious decision of Baroda General Council of AIBEA in 1979. A new direction to Bank employees movement was enjoined on it, due very much to nationalisation of Banks the task was given for implementation in all Banks and States. Eventhough it is a fact that many stalwarts of AIBEA in yester years like Com.Romesh Chakraborti, Com.K.K.Mundal, Com.Tarakeshwar, com.P.L.Syal, Com.V.K.,Krishnamoorthy, Com.P.K.Porwal, Com.A.Sundar Rao Com.H.N.Puri, Com.Roshan Lal Malhotra and the legendanary figure Com.H.L.Parwana were themselves officers and executives, who were one of those who founded AIBEA and contributed to its growth and consolidation. It is a fact that the decision to form AIBOA took a colossal time of 10 years after nationalisation and a far fetched national debate of very slow and negative dimensions which delayed the process of AIBOA formation.

“I am neither bitter nor cynical but I do wish there was less immaturity in political thinking.”

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Dear Comrades,
The present scenario in the banking industry especially in PNB has raised a pertinent question: 'Why AIBOA'? On 25.09.1994, I had written a small booklet which was released by Comrade S. Iyenger, the then Secretary of AIPNBOF at the time of First Conference of PNBOA Haryana State held at Basic Science Auditorium, HAU, Hissar.
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